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Tree Pruning Cutting and Trimming Services

Complete Solutions offers a full line of tree cutting, tree trimming, and tree pruning services for homeowners, businesses, and commercial accounts

Pruning your trees periodically helps to keep them healthy and beautiful. There are many different tree trimming, cutting, and pruning methods for different species and sizes of trees. Trees can even be helped into shape for how you want them to grow.

Your trees can be lifted or thinned to allow more light to reach your lawn or windows. Large tree limbs can be pruned back or removed so they do not grow to interfere with your buildings or wires.

Hazardous, dead, diseased, or crossing limbs can be cut out or pruned back to help keep your trees strong and healthy. Some (but not all) of the general cutting, pruning, and trimming services we offer are:

Pruning Dead Wood and Diseased Limbs:

One of the most common and natural techniques of tree pruning is pruning the deadwood out of a tree canopy. Pruning out the dead and diseased limbs from a tree helps to keep it vital and alive. Diseased limbs are cut so they cannot spread to the core of the tree. This enhances the natural beauty of the tree, its health, and helps to prevent potential safety hazards.

Crown Lifting

Removing or elevating lower limbs on a tree is done to enhance the natural beauty of a tree or to stop the limbs from rubbing against or growing over a structure. This is also done for low-hanging branches that might cross over a sidewalk or road, or hang low over the grass, etc. Elevating a tree increases the clearance from the ground to the lowest remaining foliage. One of the most important aspects of Crown Lifting is creating a balanced whole so that the newly-pruned tree remains beautiful and doesn't begin to lean.

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction involves reducing a trees height and width by trimming it back and down in an artistic and balanced fashion. This can be done to prevent, or because of, storm damage, to keep it from overgrowing its area, or to prevent lean-ins that might endanger a structure like your home.

Shaping and Thinning

Shaping and Thinning are used to help shape your trees into the shape and density that you need. Usually the entire crown is reshaped not only by following the natural growth of the tree but also by 'helping' it to grow into a robust round shape or proper canvas to fit your needs. This is often done on smaller sized trees and shrubs to help mold them into the overall look and feel of your landscaping. Sometimes trees are 'View Scaped' which is a similar practice but it involves shaping and or thinning the trees to optimize the view of the area.

Trimming Trees

Clearing tree limbs away from your house or structure is a very common task. This can be for safety reasons such as avoiding overhangs, for general aesthetics, or to keep pests such as squirrels, from running amuck on your roof. Clearing out the unwanted or potentially hazardous limbs is always done with precision and care to ensure the health of the tree as well as to maximize the future potential of the tree.

A single branch only the size of a twig can actually scrape a hole into aluminum siding in as little as one season and can rip out or damage shingles in just a single storm.

With rain, cold, and snow each season a small scrape or tear in your siding or a single tear in your roofing can easily cause thousands of dollars of damage with water seepage onto your roof, or into your walls. A simple pruning done by professionals at a very low cost can save you thousands of dollars in expensive repairs.

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