Complete Solutions Tree Service Stump Removal Service
Stump Removal Grinding and Disposal

Complete Solutions will help you get rid of stumps from newly cut trees or old stumps that you need cleared away

Old stumps can be very problematic for your property. They can rot, become infested, cause tripping and injuries, and get in the way of your landscaping as well as being an eyesore.

Stump Removal and Grinding:

It doesn't matter if you have old stumps on your property or if we've just cut down a tree for you. Complete Solutions can remove your stump by grinding, cutting below grade, or by piecing it out. How the job is done depends upon many things such as your existing landscaping, proximity to other trees, what the area will be used for, etc.

If you need your lot cleared for landscaping, building, or just to enhance the beauty and value of your home our complete line of stump grinding and stump removal equipment can get the job done for you quickly and cheaply.

Dead stumps are a haven for critters and other pests.

Ants, termites, ground bees, hornets, and other undesirable insects will gladly take up residence in your stumps and eventually try to move into your house and walls.

The rotting wood can also produce mold spores, fungi, and other naturally occurring decay catalysts that can migrate to neighboring healthy trees. The decomposition of the roots below grade can also sprout poisonous toadstools which are harmful and sometimes even fatal to your pets and children.

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