Complete Solutions Tree Preservation services
Tree Preservation and Maintenance

Complete Solutions offers a full line of tree preservation services.

Not only does Complete Solutions offer a full line of tree cutting and pruning and trimming services, but we also know how important healthy beautiful trees are to the value and beauty of your property. Complete Solutions offers a full line of tree preservation services for the home owner and business.

Tree Preservation and Maintenance:

Tree preservation is the basic inspecting and maintaining of your trees to preserve their health and beauty. This includes any needed servicing such as fertilization, pest and infestation control, root maintenance, soil and base checking, etc. Basic preservation helps to keep your trees healthy and beautiful, increasing the value and prestige of your property.

Other tree preservation services include the protective perimeter marking of the tree's integral root system; which is helpful for construction, digging, and other landscaping or construction efforts. You wouldn't dig a foundation without checking for buried cable, would you? You also want to make sure that your new project doesn't kill the root system of your trees; killing your trees in the process.

Most disease and decay of live trees can be prevented through regular tree preservation servicing.

While trees may look fine on the outside, previous digging, pests, and other factors may have affected the root system, causing potential decay and death. Even though your trees may look healthy from the ground, only a top-to-bottom tree preservation inspection will tell if you have rot or hollows in the trunk or up higher where you cannot see it.

Periodic tree preservation servicing will help to ensure that your trees stay healthy for you to enjoy.

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