Complete Solutions Recycling your wood and debris
Recycling Your Wood and Debris

Complete Solutions has multiple options to allow you to go green and recycle your trees, limbs, and other debris for future use.

Why pay five dollars for a bag of mulch, which is ground up tree-wood, when you can recycle your own cut-down trees into mulch for a nominal fee? Complete solutions has multiple options that allows you to recycle your wood and debris for your own use. The only limits are your imagination.

Tree Mulching:

You work hard for money and you take pride in your yard and property. Why pay extra money to have your fallen trees hauled away when you can have them recycled for a nominal fee, saving you lots of money in the process. Complete solutions can mulch your tree into natural mulch right on site, saving you the time and expense of going to the store and hauling bag after bag of mulch back home. Our natural mulch made from your trees, limbs, and other lumber is great for your soil, good for your plants and live trees, and lessens the labor and expense of your tree service.

Creative Tree Cutting

With a little bit of imagination and some creativity you can use your fallen timber for a variety of landscaping and artistic purposes. Fences, tables, chairs, perimeter markers, benches, and more can all be made from your newly cut tree waste. Complete Solutions will be more than happy to cut your newly removed tree lumber to your desired size or sizes.

Other Recycling Services

If you have a need to have your cut timber cut moved in a certain way,please don't hesitate to ask. Complete Solutions is happy to work with you to ensure that you can recycle your timber.

Did you know that recycled tree wood has lots of nutrients for your live trees already in its composition?

Not only is ground mulch good for your soil but it is also a healthy natural passive fertilizing agent for your plants and trees. Inhibiting the growth of weeds, locking in moisture, and healthy for your landscaping: what could be better than natural mulch for your home or property?

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