Free Estimates and Inspections
Free Estimates and Inspections

Complete Solutions free consultations for home owners, businesses, and commercial projects

If you need a single tree pruned or taken down or if you need an entire lot cleared Complete Solutions will be happy to come to your location and give you a 100% free, no obligation inspection, evaluation, and estimate. From simple storm cleanups to commercial contracts, Complete Solutions has the tools, crews, and equipment to get the job done with safety and economy in mind.

Inspections & Evaluations:

There's no reason to wait until a tree comes crashing down to check and see if the trees on your lot are healthy, safe, or growing in a way that will nullify your home-owner's insurance claim. A simple call and one or more of our experienced arborists will come out and inspect the trees on your lot.

Inspecting the trees on your lot for dead-wood, potential hazards, disease, over-leaning, and encroachment over your house or other structures is all a part of your evaluation and inspection. We will also check for rot, pests and parasites, over-grown root systems and other hazards.

Complete Solutions will give you an honest, no pressure, evaluation of your trees and their underlying systems and alert you to any potential hazards, insurance risks, dangers, or necessary work. If you are rate shopping, looking for a reliable company for insurance work, or taking commercial bids, this is the perfect way to learn, first-hand from seasoned professionals, exactly what needs to be done

How Do We Beat Competitor's Prices?

At Complete Solutions we have worked hard to earn our reputation; we can't wait to work even harder to maintain it!

We bring only what each job requires. Complete Solutions has different sized trucks for different sized jobs. We send out the proper personnel for each and every job and never inflate the job to increase your budget.

Free Estimates:

Complete Solutions does not charge you for coming out and bidding for your business: we want your business and do not charge you to show you how you can protect and beautify your home. We let our dedication to professionalism and our low rates do the talking for us. Strategically placed healthy trees not only beautify your property but can also increase the value as well as to serve as a buffer against the noise and elements. But please keep in mind that all estimates are strictly that, an estimate. We strive to undercut the competition and to provide superior quality and service, and rarely, if ever, go over the estimate amount. But estimates are not meant to cover additional work or services or unforeseen complications. However, Complete Solutions will work with you to find a solution to your wants and needs that is both sensible and economical. As always, there is no obligation, and we do not pad our bills with false expenses or perform any additional work until it is approved.

Complete Solutions Estimate Principals:

These principals have served our clients, and our company very well since it's inception, and has promoted our growth to over the years as we have served our community.
  • Conduct a thorough inspection to determine exact services needed
  • Provide an honest assessment
  • Serve each clients best interest
  • Take every precaution to protect each client's home
  • Make every cut count
  • Promote integrity with every cut of the saw
  • Communicate effectively with your client
  • Present an invoice only after the client has verified his satisfaction
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